The Pharmacare bill can still fail to pass — let’s make sure it doesn’t

We must push for the adoption of the Pharmacare Act Bill C-64.

Canada is the only country in the world that has a “universal health care system” — but doesn’t include universal coverage for prescription drugs outside of hospitals.  

The truth is: a truly universal health care system does not exist without single-payer, universal pharmacare. 

While members of the Canadian Health Coalition welcome the introduction of the Pharmacare Act, its survival is far from guaranteed in Parliament. Despite the determination of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and advocates across the country, profit-hungry Big Pharma lobbyists and their political allies have lots of time to water down Bill C-64 before it’s passed into law — severely limiting the potential impact it could have for millions of people across Canada.

What can we do to protect pharmacare in Canada?

Achieving the vision of national, universal pharmacare in Canada will heavily rely on all of us taking urgent action. By pushing for a swift approval to Pharmacare Act Bill C-64 — we will aim to:

  • Maintain Bill C-64’s single-payer, universal coverage
  • Get bilateral agreements with Provinces and Territories to guarantee sufficient funding and accountability
  • Expand the list of medicines beyond the initial two classes of contraceptives and diabetes

This is a critical moment in protecting Pharmacare Act Bill C-64.

Tell the Parliament that pharmacare isn’t for sale

Tell your MP that you want to see the Pharmacare Act passed as soon as possible. Let’s keep Big Pharma from getting their hands on Pharmacare Act Bill C-64. Send a letter to your MP today.