Protect your right to public health care

A public service threatened by privatization

Every single one of us is at risk of losing our right to quality public health care.

Our public health system is under threat of privatization - which is often touted by politicians as a solution to the current health care crisis, but will actually make it much worse.

Privatization puts an increased strain on frontline workers and struggling hospitals. It creates a system where the wealthy can afford to quickly skip the line, while everyone else is forced to wait - even longer than we currently are.

Simply put: private, for-profit medical clinics are focused on making money for their shareholders. Health care in Canada must prioritize patients' needs over profiteering.

Health care for all - not just the wealthy

One of Canada's defining traits - and a firmly held belief among many people in Canada - is a health care system based on need, not wealth.

The Canada Health Act - which outlines the criteria for provinces to receive federal health care funding - is meant to uphold this belief through its primary objective of granting reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers.

While the Act does not specifically prohibit for-profit private clinics, it does require that patients are not billed for any medically necessary services that should be covered by free public health insurance - including additional fees that may be required from for-profit private clinics.

Federal funding must not be used by provinces to fund for-profit private clinics. We are calling on the federal government to stop the privatization of public health care, and enforce the Canada Health Act.

Please send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau now - and help ensure that timely, high quality health care remains accessible to everyone.

Take action now

The Canadian Health Coalition believes health care should be based on medical need and not the ability to pay.

We are working hard to ensure all levels of government protect and expand Canada's public health care system - but we need your help to ensure the Canada Health Act is enforced.

By sending a letter of support to key federal government members, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, we can make sure that the growing issue of privatization is not ignored.

Because power is in the hands of the people - and the government needs to be reminded of that.

When you send your letter, you will not only be showing support for public health care - but also gaining access to information about privatization in Canada, as well as opportunities to take further action.